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Translated 5DK of Draft King, Vol. 15

Discussion in 'Draft King Interviews' started by rsniteblaze, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. rsniteblaze

    rsniteblaze Administrator

    It’s “Draft King’s 5DK ~The Draft King Meeting!!~”’s 15th publication! This month we went to a picnic with spring’s weather liven things up too. And all the members had a party game showdown, “Drink exactly with covered eyes!”!! The results were!?

    (Circle thingy): Explanation of the rules
    Having “covered their eyes”, using a straw, it is a game where you drink until a predetermined spot
    We prepared the glasses with drinks for every participant.
    Either rubber bands or tape was put on each glass, depending on what stood out more, to determine the objective.
    All participants were blind-folded and the game was started by the signal of the moderator.
    Drink until the predetermined spot by your own intuition. The person who drank closest to the objective is the winner!!

    (To the side of the rules): Let’s DRINK with the selected beloved beverages of the members
    NOHANA – A chilled pumpkin juice
    Erica – Yogurt drink
    SHIHO – Beer
    MAO – Red bull

    SHIHO was off to a hot start but,
    Loving beer too much, she drank way past the objective spot and was defeated!!
    Just like her personality MAO had a careful start but she was too careful, barely drinking anything and was defeated!!
    NOHANA was the one who drank exactly to the predetermined spot and won!!
    …or so we thought but, cheating was uncovered and, she was unsuspectingly disqualified! (Lol)
    Erica was the runner-up but she moved ahead and became the winner!!!!!
    The results turned out to strongly reflect every members’ personalities (Lol)

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