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Translated 5DK of Draft King, Vol. 16

Discussion in 'Draft King Interviews' started by rsniteblaze, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. rsniteblaze

    rsniteblaze Administrator

    It’s “Draft King’s 5DK ~The Draft King Meeting!!~”’s 16th publication! This month we will be taking a Draft King opinion poll “Among the band members who is the most__?!” Will the band members’ circumstances be glimpsed in the results!?

    Question 1 Among the members, who is the one who hates losing the most!?
    *NOHANA-> Myself *erica-> MAO
    ----- NOHANA got 3 votes. There was even a “myself” vote. (Laughs)
    SHIHO – NOHANA completely hates to lose. Right before this we were having an intellectual discussion and although NOHANA seemed very confident, MAO was able to understand it the best so she was being a bit unpleasant (Laughs)
    It’s because I was so confident that it was frustrating! (Laughs)

    Question 2 Among the members, who is the most “my pace” type!?
    *NOHANA -> Myself or erica *erica -> Myself
    *SHIHO & MAO -> erica
    ----- erica gathered up the votes
    MAO - erica is far and away the best for this.
    SHIHO – When we’re all walking together she really has a different feeling to her. If you watch her behavior on one of our expeditions, you really come to think that she is really “my pace” (Laughs)
    Erica – I think so too. (Laughs)
    ----- But NOHANA put down “me” or “erica”.
    SHIHO – NOHANA ins’t “my pace” she’s just egocentric! (Laughs)
    NOHANA – That’s terrible!! (Laughs)
    MAO – Since this might become a fight let’s move on to the next question! (Laughs)

    Question 3 Among the members, who is the most family oriented!?
    *NOHANA & erica & MAO -> SHIHO *SHIHO -> Myself
    ----- It’s unanimously SHIHO. This is an unexpected image.
    Erica – SHIHO can cook and her room is always clean so she’s family oriented! That’s the feeling you get.
    SHIHO – Rather than me being family oriented, isn’t it rather that everyone is just overwhelmingly not family oriented? (Laughs)
    MAO – Definitely (Laughs)
    NOHANA – Somehow this is vexing (Laughs) Lately I’ve been practicing so that I can cook food no one else can, I’ll do my best to surpass SHIHO!

    Question 4 If you were a man, which of the members would you want to go out with the most!?
    *NOHANA -> Myself *erica -> SHIHO
    *SHIHO->Everyone’s no good *MAO -> NOHANA
    ----- Opinion is divided for this one.
    Erica – We talked about this on the previous question but SHIHO-san is really family oriented and that is what charms me.
    SHIHO – That makes me happy but including erica is no good for me! (Laughs) Especially NOHANA! (Laughs)
    NOHANA – Why?! (Laughs)
    MAO – I think she’s good because she would definitely not fool around on me.
    SHIHO – No, absolutely no good! (Laughs)
    ----- Just like last month, the results really show all the members personalities! (Laughs)

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