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AIMI's first single

Discussion in 'AIMI Discussion' started by Ruben, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Ruben

    Ruben Stereopony Fan

    On 2018.01.24 AIMI's first single "FAKE" was released by Amazon.co.jp. Today I received my copy and decided to share some images etc. So far I have only been listening to radio rips, LINELIVE and Youtube versions so....

    The studio quality really does justice to AIMI's voice and sound. The single contains 3 songs that are quite different from eachother. The first and main song "FAKE" is used for the ending of Amazon series "Chase". "Fake" is a song with many different elements. The second song "Color Collection (on the way ver.)" is more uptempo. Third one: "Tick Tack (on the way ver.)" is great to sing along live.

    When you get your copy let everyone know what you think of the single. Make sure to post photos, share and promote on social media to cheer on AIMI!




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