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Discussion in 'Stereopony Discussion' started by rsniteblaze, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. rsniteblaze

    rsniteblaze Administrator

    A popular thread from the old forum.

    This thread isn't about the song "Dreamin'" that was written by NOHANA. This thread is for all of us to share any dreams we had that involved Stereopony.

    I'll start this off with one of my replies from the old forum to give you guys an example:

  2. wannasalad

    wannasalad Dedicated Stereopony Fan

    Oh my oh my this topic is just perfect.

    I've only dreamed about Stereopony once since I re-discovered them. lol
    I dreamed that I had come back from the future (present day) to attend one of their concerts while they were stil together. I was feeling so emotional that I made the mistake to say something along the lines of "I'm so thankful I got to see you perform together one last time" to AIMI when I got the chance to meet them afterwards. lol She apparently not only knew I was from the future and believed me (lol what) but also took that to mean that she'd die or something 'cause her demeanor changed immediately as she thanked me, and with a sad smile she went backstage. I kicked myself hard for that slip and tried to reach her to explain myself, all while some kind of afterparty went on at the club. In the end, I got her alone in a room and explained to her that she wouldn't die anytime soon, said I was sorry she thought that, and that I couldn't say anything else in case I changed the future for the worst. So the dream ended with her hugging me and thanking me for coming to the concert.

    Then I woke up lol
  3. leo_harrison

    leo_harrison Stereopony Fan

    i've had a dream once.

    stereopony and scandal would unite, so they had some problem. who would be the drummer? who would be the bassist? etc.

    i wanted to form a band in japan, but i knew that would be hard. because i'm not a japanese. i went to japan and i only had my guitar. i had some money and i wanted go to arestaurant. scandal and stereopony members were there, they were talking about how they would unite. i was staring at them, because i always wanted to meet one of them. they didn't notice first, because they were arguing. then aimi came to my table and asked if i'm a fan or not, i told her "i adore you!", she laughed and then she said she was busy but if i wait for a while she would sign my guitar.

    and then alarm clock woke me up (:)

    ps: sorry for grammatical mistakes. english is not my native langauge.
  4. dereko92

    dereko92 Administrator

    Your English is fine leo :D

    I can only remember one dream that I had 1 or 2 years ago. For some reason Stereopony was playing live in my high school gymnasium and then I joined Aimi on stage and we played "I Do It" together :m002: Unfortunately that's all I could recall
  5. leo_harrison

    leo_harrison Stereopony Fan

    i wish i could dream it (:)

    playing with nohana, shiho and aimi is my dream (i think it's dream of all people in this forum).
  6. leo_harrison

    leo_harrison Stereopony Fan

    Another dream I had last night.

    I was in Japan for a reason. I don't remember what reason was. I played guitar in a live house and people liked me. Nohana and Aimi listened me also and both of them liked my playing. They said "we should form a band"

    Aimi was bassist and Nohana was drummer (I know it's weird). We went to Hong Kong for a live performance and i met my ex-girlfriend there (yes she was chinese). After live performance a man tried to sell a fender jazzmaster to me. I told him I liked my stratocaster. However he succeeded selling that guitar.
  7. rsniteblaze

    rsniteblaze Administrator

    Not Stereopony related but still a dream.

    I had a dream I was back in college. Everything seemed normal—except for AIMI, Erica, and Hiddy being there! @crimsonknight4 and @DSteele were there too. There was some sort of huge gathering of sororities and they were all singing together like on huge choir. It was outdoors, so each sorority had their own easy-up tent with their letters on the tops. There had to be like 100 big tents all smushed together. There were thousands of people there.

    AIMI, Erica, and Hiddy were all in the Alpha Phi Gamma sorority. I have no idea why CK, Dsteele, and I were there... We were just chillin with APhiG, I guess lol.

    The last song they were singing was "No One" by Alicia Keys (yeah, I know, wtf) so the all the girls were singing together to the same background track that was playing over loudspeakers. The singing got too loud, and some people couldn't hear the background track anymore so they got off beat (including AIMI, who let an audible "dammit" when she realized she messed up and led everyone astray).

    After the song ended... literally EVERYONE decided to get up and leave all at once. I remember wanting to ask AIMI, Erica, and Hiddy if I could get pictures with them, but that wasn't going to happen because of the mass exodus that was happening. We literally LOST AIMI in the huge crowd, as she just ran off ahead of everyone. Not sure if it was because she was trying to avoid fans or trying to avoid being trampled on...

    Meanwhile, CK and DSteele had pursued Erica and Hiddy, also having the same idea as me to get pictures. There was a huge DSLR that CK seemed to have pulled out of nowhere, slung around him. They were on a bridge above a small river at the bottom of the hill we were on, where there weren't many people. By the time I had caught up with them, it looked like Hiddy declined CK and DSteele's photo request since she was in a hurry to leave. With her was an older woman and a young girl (mom and sister, maybe?) and they walked off. This was right before arrived, so I didn't even get to say bye to Hiddy either! Sad!

    But all was not lost, because we still had Erica! Claiming his importance as the main translator for VGD, CK got the first picture with Erica. Then CK took DSteele's photo after. After that, DSteele said he wanted to take a solo picture of Erica with his own camera.

    I'm all thinking, whatever, I can wait. DSteele proceeds to pull out a freakin' gun-shaped camera from his pocket and point it at Erica. "Don't worry, it's a camera," said DSteele. And he shot her.

    Erica freaked out and thought the "gun camera" was so cool.

    "I wanna try!" she exclaimed, and she grabbed it out of his hands. "Bang! Bang!" After a few seconds of her fiddling around with it (not knowing how the camera works), DSteele said "Here, let me help you" and Erica replied "No! It's my turn!" but DSteel grabbed it from her. He held it up, and Erica was jumping up trying to reach it.

    She backed up a few feet to try getting a running start for her jump. When she jumped, DSTEELE FREAKIN' TACKLED HER OUT OF THE AIR and she fell back a few feet.

    Now I'm all freaking out "JEFF (his real name) YOU IDIOT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?" and I ask "Erica, are you ok!?" — "I'm ok," she says all nonchalantly. DSteele doesn't even apologize. He just points the gun camera at us and goes "Bang!"

    And then the gun camera breaks in his hand and falls apart.

    Then I woke up...

    I WAS SO MAD BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE WITH ANYONE IN THE END AFTER ALL!!! Even after realizing it was just a dream, I was still mad! But I guess I'm over it now... except for the fact that DSteele tackled Erica over a "gun camera"

    But yeah, that's my dream... I still wonder what happened to AIMI in that huge crowd.
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  8. DSteele

    DSteele Global Moderator

    You wouldn't want to know about my dreams that involve Shiho lmao. This one was weird but not weird enough.

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