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Hello People!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Guitar Otaku, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Guitar Otaku

    Guitar Otaku Stereopony Fan

    Hi people!

    I've been in this forum with several nicknames, bu i always forget my account details. I think lastest one was [Ba]Mesutto (:)


    I'm from Turkey, 24 years old, Japanese Language&Literature Student, guitar nerd etc

    I was bass player in a J-Rock cover band called Ryuusei and I'm rhythm guitar player now.

    Also I'm founder of Draft King Turkey Fan Club (:)
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  2. crimsonknight4

    crimsonknight4 Global Moderator Translator

    I remember! Haha forgetting your password this day and age lol
    Thanks for continuing to support DK!
    Hope to see you around again!
  3. Guitar Otaku

    Guitar Otaku Stereopony Fan

    Actually I changed my PC that's why... But I won't forget this one because i took a note (:)
  4. Senak

    Senak Stereopony Lover

    Welcome back dude!!! hahahahahaha there is nothing worse than forgetting a password, thank god for chrome remembering all mine :p
  5. Guitar Otaku

    Guitar Otaku Stereopony Fan

    Thanks! I use chrome now (:)
  6. guitar_otaku

    guitar_otaku Stereopony Fan

    Me again (:) Hello!
  7. nikid

    nikid Global Moderator

    Hello! ;)
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  8. guitar_otaku

    guitar_otaku Stereopony Fan

    hey nikid it's been too long :p :m028:
  9. GOODLUCK1992

    GOODLUCK1992 Stereopony Fan

    hello! welcome to the site!
  10. guitar_otaku

    guitar_otaku Stereopony Fan

    Thank you!

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