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Band ЯeaL

Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by Rafayui, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan


    Four piece girlband that was formed in Osaka December 8,2012. who would like to take challenge on the girlsband world


    Vo/Gt : Ryoko, 1997.12.12
    Gt/cho : Yurika, 1997.08.12
    Ba/cho : Fumiha, 1997.08.30
    Dr/cho : Aika, 1998.02.11


    venue limited first single
    Track list
    1. ひかれ (Hikare)
    2. 反対言葉 (Hantai kotoba)

    1st Mini Album [Change Your ЯeaL]
    release date 2014.12.3
    Track List.
    1. ЯeaL革命 [ЯeaL Kakumei]
    2. セナカアワセ [Senaka awase]
    3. Jumping More
    4. 花火散るこの川で、[Hanabi chiru kono kawa de]
    5. Shooting Star
    6. HOME


    Official Web : http://realgirlsband.wix.com/

    Official Blog : http://ameblo.jp/realofficial-4


    Official : https://twitter.com/realofficial_12
    Ryoko : https://twitter.com/ryoryo_music
    Yurika : https://twitter.com/luv_gt_yrk
    Fumiha : https://twitter.com/jbass_fu
    Aika : https://twitter.com/drum_real


    Official : https://www.instagram.com/real.girlsband
    Ryoko : https://www.instagram.com/ryoryo_music
    Yurika : https://www.instagram.com/luv_gt_yrk
    Fumiha : https://www.instagram/jbass_fu
    Aika : https://www.instagram/drum_real

    Official Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC38Cc0nADTQ_ibeBdnLQ0ZA

    Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/realgirlsband

    they just opened another Official Youtube channel here------> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXhNHpqoFacfcNSImVzF_g , but the can't see it from my country....it's a So*y thing I guess...:(

    i'm personaly like their first upload PV , remind me of Scandal "shunkan sentimental" pv. Also note that DK member following these girls twitter , Nohana,erica, Mao following Ryoko,Yurika, Fumiha and Shiho following Aika. so.. thats something...^ ^
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  2. Destonus

    Destonus Global Moderator

    They actually remind me more of FLiP, Ryoko has a voice somewhere between Suu from Sai Sai and Sachiko from FLiP. But I'll definitely pick up their album when they cut it!
  3. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    uhm...not listening to FLiP lately anymore..... maybe i'll try to listen it again. and compare them. still not much info about them though specially their live video...

    btw, what the code to embed the video? it won't let me embed the video from youtube, or am doing it wrong...?
  4. Destonus

    Destonus Global Moderator

    Click on Media in the toolbar above the text box, and then copy the link from your browser into the window that appears.

    I tried doing it to make sure I was explaining it right, and it wouldn't let me do it either, so it's probably on their end.
  5. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    [Hanabichiru konokawade /花火散るこの川で]

    [Jumping more]


    [Hantai kotoba / 反対言葉 ]

    [Senakaawase / セナカアワセ ]
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  6. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    ЯeaL TV


    vol. 2
  7. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

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  8. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    Attached Files:

  9. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    ЯeaL TV


    summer vacation
  10. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    [ News Update]
    “ЯeaL(りある)” Hold a Live Mini Concert to commemorate Their upcoming release Debut Single 「秒速エモーション」on 9 March.

    the concert will be held starting January 17th to March 6th. the single will consist 3 track of new song writen by Ryoko.


    more detail in here ----> http://dlvr.it/D8dDTM# ( is in japanese I can't read it :p. perhaps CK's will help check them out if not so busy and have a time.. thank you in advance :) .

    that's it for now.........
  11. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    [News] Its been a while since I've update this thread, just knew it yesterday from the Band twitter acc, quite surprised actually that Yurika
    (gt.) leave the Band after they finished they latest album [19] release tour final on Shibuya O-West 7/25. I've been checking their official home looking for a reason why she leave but nothing on their hp. but you guys can read Yurika latest LINE Blog here .

    By this withdraw Yurika's also will deactivated her twitter acc @luv_gt_yrk ,by the end of the month and open a new acc at @Yurika812orange . and ЯeaL it self will countinue, it seem as 3 pieces girlsrock band with the anouncement [ЯeaL Яock Яevolution ~ЯeaL 5th Anniversary Special ONEMAN~] on December this year.

    So....Yurika thank for Your hard work until today and wishing you the best for the future :). (r)
  12. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    update on Yurika new twitter acc ( she's changed the address) -------> @yrk_0r812
  13. RyoRyoRyuizzy

    RyoRyoRyuizzy New Stereopony Fan

    Hey , new here . anyone had a full version of their venue limited single and Change Your ЯeaL album ? im looking for it but i cant find it anywhere . would love to buy it but they didnt sell it anymore :/
  14. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    finally some life in this thread...Welcome! :)

    I'm sure not about the limited venue single,probably already sold out a long time ago. but You still can get "Change....." at tower record online.


  15. RyoRyoRyuizzy

    RyoRyoRyuizzy New Stereopony Fan

    I see. Thank you for giving me these. Damn i really want the venue limited album tho.
  16. RyoRyoRyuizzy

    RyoRyoRyuizzy New Stereopony Fan

    Hey guys . i know this thread have long died . but anyone here have the veneu limited album ? the only collection i dont have myself for now . let me know if any of u guys know where to find it . or at least let me know if you actually wants to sell yours . id buy it if the price is reasonable . please please please let me knowwwww >_< oh my gosh . sorry for a long replies
  17. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

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  18. RyoRyoRyuizzy

    RyoRyoRyuizzy New Stereopony Fan

  19. RyoRyoRyuizzy

    RyoRyoRyuizzy New Stereopony Fan

    So guys , Real is live broadcasting every tueday , started from 20:00 - 20:30 . a 30 minutes of talking . im interested . but i dont know on how to get the frequency , can we just hear it online or anything . and second is the payment method . Can i use something like paypal or anything . if you guys know on how to do this . let me know because i am really interested ^^
  20. Rafayui

    Rafayui Stereopony Fan

    As far I know every radio broadcast from Japan can not listened by foriegn.....even if you willing to pay ( sorry my english kinda rusty lately.....haha).

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