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SHISHAMO General Discussion

Discussion in 'SHISHAMO' started by dereko92, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Senak

    Senak Stereopony Lover

    awesome stuff ck!!! i'll actually be able to pick the album up in march woo hoo!!!
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  2. Teasel

    Teasel New Stereopony Fan

    I've just received copyright takedown notices from Faith Music for my subbed versions of Shishamo videos. YouTube made me go to "Copyright School" to regain access to my account! Oh well... :-(
  3. crimsonknight4

    crimsonknight4 Global Moderator Translator

    that's too bad, but something good did come out of it
    (not necessarily for you though lol)
    Shishamo quietly changed labels from "Good Creators" to "Faith Music". Yay upgrade!
    And that's probably why they're more proactive with the copyright stuff
  4. crimsonknight4

    crimsonknight4 Global Moderator Translator

    The MV for "Minna no Uta" from SHISHAMO 3 will be unveiled on Mezamashi TV on 2/22 around 5:25 - 8:00!!! So like today in a few hours, I'm sure it'll go up on YouTube shortly after

    *edit* It seems they'll be putting up a music video spot on their official youtube channel. (Good luck watching it though lol)
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2016
  5. GOODLUCK1992

    GOODLUCK1992 Stereopony Fan

    so i realize the young girl who plays as the main girl in shishamo videos shows up frequently, is that because she's part of the agency or related to one of them or something?
  6. crimsonknight4

    crimsonknight4 Global Moderator Translator

    Possibly, as far as I've read she is really good friends with Asako. Beyond that I'm not sure (for example whether they knew each other before hand or met the first time she appeared in their MV)
  7. GAS327

    GAS327 New Stereopony Fan

    Can somebody explain to me why they stopped certain countries from watching their you tube clips. It seems to me every thing they do is working against promoting their music, which is a shame because it's so good.

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