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"This Day in History" website feature

Discussion in 'Feedback & Help' started by rsniteblaze, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. rsniteblaze

    rsniteblaze Administrator

    A feature I want to add to VGD is a "This Day in History" feature for the website. What it is basically is a small portion of the site that gets updated every single day with a short fact about the current day in Stereopony, Draft King, AIMI, or VGD history. For example, if the date was November 5, then a fact that can be shared is "Stereopony made their debut with the single 'Hitohira no Hanabira'."

    You can look at the official Star Wars website as an example. Just scroll down to the middle of the page, under the "More Star Wars" section: http://www.starwars.com/

    Obviously 366 days (yes, Leap Year is coming up) is a lot to cover, so any help will be appreciated. I already grabbed all the release dates for every Stereopony, Draft King, and AIU album, so there's at least one day for each month covered. Just need to finish the rest of the days. Facts can be found on the bands' official websites, blogs, Twitter, and other sources. Do your best!

    Ideally, I want to start this in May, but if this proves more difficult than I'm anticipating, then we could start in June. So, whoever wants to help, just reply here to claim the month you want.

    May -
    June -
    July -
    August -
    September -
    October -
    November -
    December -
    January -
    February -
    March -
    April -

    When you're done, send your work to me in a PM. I'll add it to the post queue and be sure to credit you for the contribution.

    May 12
    OVER DRIVE (2010)

    May 30
    stand by me (2012)

    June 9
    OVER THE BORDER (2010)

    June 17
    Hydrangea ga Saiteiru (2009)

    June 25
    Just say u.r.? (2014)

    August 10
    Tatoeba Utaenakunattara (2011)

    August 19
    Smilife (2009)

    September 25
    GIRLS ROCK #SURF (2013)

    September 28
    Arigatou (2011)

    October 24
    Just rock with me (2012)

    November 4
    Tsukiakari no Michishirube (2009)

    November 5
    Hitohira no Hanabira (2008)

    November 21
    BEST of STEREOPONY (2012)

    December 7
    More! More!! More!!! (2011)

    December 8
    Chiisana Mahou (2010)

    December 16
    Stereopony 1st Tour A hydrangea blooms 2009

    December 24
    Patii Zon no Gyakushuu (2014)
    Rabu Zon no Touhi (2014)

    January 25
    Stereopony to Moshimasu ~Miseinen Hen~ (2012)

    February 1
    Stereopony to Moshimasu ~Seijin Hen~ (2012)

    February 11
    Namida no Mukou (2009)

    February 17
    Hanbunko (2010)

    February 27
    Stereopony Final Live ~BEST of STEREOPONY~ (2013)

    March 4
    Okuru Kotoba (2015)

    April 22
    I do it (2009)

    Any questions?
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