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Discussion in 'Music Discussion' started by crimsonknight4, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. crimsonknight4

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    Oonami Yurika [Vocals & Guitar]
    Birthday: 6/23
    Blood type: B
    Hobby: Minecraft
    Special skill: Improvised songs
    Favorite food: Sashimi, raw meat
    Disliked food: Okonomiyaki
    Nickname: Nee-san, Oonami-san

    Ureshi(嬉) Nanami [Bass]
    Birthday: 10/6
    Blood type: A
    Hobby: Being stylish
    Special skill: To fail at jokes all the time
    Favorite food: Omuraisu, pudding
    Disliked food: Fish
    Nickname: Nanamin, Joyful-chan

    Miia Kuboku [Guitar]
    Blood type: B
    Hobby: Reading
    Special skill: Handling guitar rollers
    Favorite food: Coffee
    Disliked food: Carbonic acid
    Nickname: Kuboko, Kubo-chan, Kubo

    Umekyuuin Madoka[Drums]
    Birthday: 9/9
    Blood type: O
    Hobby: Eating
    Special skill: Frog impersonation
    Favorite food: If you can eat it, then it’s fine
    Disliked food: Banana, melon, watermelon, persimmon
    Nickname: Mado, Mado-chan, Kawauso Kaeru, Baikyuuin


    Coming from Osaka, the 4 member girls band SEKIRARA was formed in May 2014.
    They held their first live only 3 months after formation and also released their 1st demo single “Sayonara Lonely”, after selling all 300 copies 5 months later, they released their 2nd Demo Single in February 2015 and also released their first “Even if it’s One Second Long, I want to become one of your Memories” and continues to increase views.
    In addition within 9 months of their formation they were able to land a television appearance on Kansai television, being showered with attention from all direction, they are a girls band who is expected to evolve in Osaka even more.

    Currently they are piling on live performances. But with their somehow nostalgic yet novel songs, seeing the explosive performance that is created from their delicate bodies is appealing.
    Not only through their musical activities, they are gaining popularity through YOUTUBE, radio appearances, and variety show.

    Apr 4 (Fri) The members gather
    May 1 (Thu) SEKIRARA begins activities
    May 12 (Mon) Twitcast show SEKIRARA TV begins broadcasting, the first run gets about 220 views
    Jul 28 (Mon) SEKIRARA begins LIVE activities
    Jul 28 (Mon) SEKIRARA releases 1st demo single “Sayonara Lonely”
    Nov 10 (Mon) Appearance set: “~SEKIRARA, ‘Hello’ but ‘Goodbye Loneliness’ TOUR ~We want to sell out our CD. Winter 2014~
    Dec 7 (Sun) 1st demo single sells out Sayonara Lonely

    Jan 16 (Fri) Joint Event SEKIRARA x DROP Girls Gathering War ~ Let’s have a festival where girl power can explode~ 1st battle
    Feb 14 (Sat) They make a commentary appearance on Kasai television’s OTOEMON
    Feb 18 (Wed) Their 2nd Demo Single and PV are revealed at the same time
    Apr 17 (Fri) Their MV is aired on Kansai television’s “Mujack” , they are chosen by AKB48’s Takahashi Minami as an artist she would like to perform with!
    Jun 16 (Tue) SEKIRARA x DROP x Deepa presents Girls Gathering War, Disturbance of Tokyo! ~When we did our first event in Tokyo it became a Girls Gathering Big War SP~
    Jun 23 (Tue) SEKIRARA x DROP presents. Girls Gathering War ~ Let’s have a festival where girl power can explode~ 2nd battle
    Sept 11 (Fri) SEKIKARA announces the bassist Nanami is leaving the band due to the worsening condition of a hernia



    [2014.07.28] さよならロンリー [Goodbye Loneliness] *Live house exclusive
    [2015.02.18] 一秒でも長く君の記憶になりたい[Even if it’s One Second Long, I want to become one of your Memories]  


    Website: http://sekirara-official.aremond.net/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sekiraratube
    Blog: http://ameblo.jp/sekirara-official/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infosekirara
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/info_sekirara
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    SEKIRARA announced they will be releasing their 1st Mini Album on November 29th,2017 followed by Album released Tour starting on December 5th,2017. more detail on their HP later.....

    Also They opened LINE official account
  5. Rafayui

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    Latest MV [せめて会いたいと言わせて]has been published on their youtube official channel , this song included on their first mini album


    track list :

    ¥ 1,500(tax in).

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